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The Passion is what sets the car of a simple transportation. Everyone can find pleasure in contemplating a line, hear whirring motor or travel miles behind the wheel of his car. But passion only useful if it is shared. We are two reporters who travel the France, Switzerland and Italy to participate in events of any size, that we share with you through reports. Here, no history of the automobile, but anecdotes, meetings, tests and especially photos. We want you to live each event as if you were there, with a maximum of pics.

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The copyright is done to know who took the picture and for the photographs, to be knew .
It' forbidden to shoot it to publish the picture.
Using picture for other application than personnal is allowed for diffusion in relative subject (automotive forum, photograhic forum, ...) according to ourselves by email.
using picture for commercial motivation must to allowed by a hand writed autorisation by ourselves.
The no-respect of these rules is punished by copyright laws

Last reports:

Supercar Owners Circle - 03 September 2017

Meetin an Unicorn: Ferrari F1 TRS Liquid Silver

Supercar Owners Circle - 03 September 2017

Supercars crossing the San Gottardo.

Supercar Owners Circle - 03 September 2017

Supercars everywhere at Andermatt...

16th Lotus Jura Tour - 26 August 2017

Discovering Switzerland

23th Sport & Collection - June 2017

In the Rallye on saturday.

Zagato Exhibition - Panthéon Basel (CH)

Special exhibition about famoius Italian coachbuilder.

87th Geneva Motorshow - March 2017

Discover the most impressive cars

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