Museo Casa Enzo Ferrari - May 2015


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

To conclude our trip to Maranello, we passed by the Museo Enzo Ferrari in Modena. The models on display are mostly known, but carefully presented dishes particularly good value. In any case in the "Casa" where lighting is excellent. Conversely, in the museum, the subdued atmosphere required long exposures on a tripod.

Let's start with the place. The façade of the Officina now opens on a large hall. The Enzo silhouette that not sat at the Museo is actually back here in his second office. The establishment of models in this space is nice.

The first car is a 125S rebuilt by the factory.

The following is a beautiful 750 Monza which proudly displays its engine under a transparent cover. Failing to be authentic, it's Classiche certified.

A nice Dino 206 GT.

A monster I always dream of seeing and hearing driving, the 288 GTO Evoluzione.

Side Formula 1, three models are presented: a 500 F2 Ascari

F1-156 85 Alboreto

and F60 of 2009 driven byMassa.

The museum has chosen to highlight the cars entered, often privately, in other disciplines. This is the case of the 360 GTC 2004 and the 550 GTC 2003.

Part of the exhibition is dedicated to engines: at the dawn of the new era of turbo, retrospective of what Ferrari has done best in the genre. Here is a rare dish V6 Ferrari from 1994. Then we find the engine of the 408, seen at the Museo Ferrari in the study of the four wheel drive. Two experimental engines to turbo technology: 2litres 400cv. And finally a single-cylinder development for F1. It is easier to work on a single cylinder to estimate performance and it is mostly cheaper than a complete V10 or V12.

Then we move on Series V8 engines: from 348 to California through of course the Cinquevalvole system from F355.

The 208 Turbo was developed specifically for the Italian market in order to meet tax regulations.

The V12 engine to start with a fairly stripped three-valve block for the Daytona Prototype. a 5 liters engine that is not a boxer exists at Ferrari, but those two are more legendary: Testarossa and 512BB.

What about that of F40 ... Even that of the F50 seems bland at side.

Let us make a jump in time between the FF V12 and that of the 125S. The power of the first will never reach the beauty of the second.

As for cars, a space is dedicated to F1 engines.

We head to the Museum and are greeted by a 166 Inter Aerlux 1948 and 500 Superfast view Villa d'Este.

The end 80' generation with its two flagship models: the 348 here in spider and Testarossa

We change period with the gorgeous 575 Superamerica.

UA concept of Fioravanti : F100r - 2000.

Some old with the 275 GTB / 4 in its finest livery and a 250 GT Pininfarina ..

The four modern places with 456M and 612 Sessanta

A Mondial Cabrio, a 458 and a 512 BBi fill spaces.

Decoration, a beautiful sculpture of the 250 GTO is on the wall while a wooden master is placed above a mirror to enjoy every angle.

Every twenty minutes a film is projected on the walls. Therefore forced break for photos. But discover beautiful historical images while sitting in the middle of supercars it's incredible.

Here also the Ferrari supercars that we came to see. The five are here, all dressed in red on their white tray. I have nothing more to tell about each of them that I have not already, then I let you enjoy the pictures.

Ferrari 288 GTO

Ferrari F40

Ferrari F50

Ferrari Enzo

Ferrari LaFerrari

And to close:

A routine visit but still very significant. The volumes are large, good contrast, you just fix the light.

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