Concorso d'Eleganza Villa D'Este


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

Sunday, last day for this week-end which one is already the best of all ever past at Como Lake. If you follow us for some time, you should know it's in a different place, at Villa Erba (near from Villa d'Este) and mainly it's public day. Public means diificult pictures. Happily for us, openning hour is 10:00, but for media, we could enter before 7:00.

As for this 2012 edition wa had a nice sun, waiting for the cars, I make pictures of this beautiful place.

For the second time, the first moel in the place is the 365GTB/4 Prototypo. It's going to all the best place for pics. The day starts good...

Session at the front of Lake face of the Villa is one of the best spot here. Even if all spotters are professional and respect other, sometime it's a rush.

The 400 Superamrica is also coming.

The 212 Inter coupé is already here, waiting its lap. It could be hard to believe, but all the cars, moving all over the park make people running everywhere.

The 250 GT Europa Pinin Farina stay at park face.

The 250 GT Spider California couldn't miss our place. The owner, really friendly, will take time for all photographs. This is the reason why I gve him a tribute, with his son.

There was not only Ferrari here, but, on this page I stay on them. This is the la 212 Inter Cabriolet.

Each second past comes us to openning hour, and there is more and more media in the place. So, when the GTO arrive we're happy to be sure to take all pics of it. You can see that I took time for it...

All the cars have a special place for the exhibition. The owners wash a last time their jewel, take time to speajk about it with people, and presents a book of the story, like for the Prototypo.

In the corner of my eye, I see some models moving in front of Villa, but they don't go the photographs'place.

I really think these two cars making a ballet to park.

An other model won't go to our favorite place, between the Villa and the lake: The fabulous 250LM.

10 o'clock, I'm happy. I could do all picture I wanted this morning. Public become to enter. I say goodbye to GTO's owner and take the road to France.

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