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Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE


Montreux Grand Prix celebrated its 80th anniversary this year, but so far there has not been 80 editions, far from it. In the history of auto racing, 1934 is the only one to come out with (already) a victory for Scuderia Ferrari who was then running Alfa Romeo cars. I'm not calling you out the history of this race. I just know that the 50th anniversary was celebrated in the presence of drivers like Fangio, Regazzoni or Etancelin who had the pole position in 1934 on Maserati. In 1990, Jean Alesi will come to show the cars of the Scuderia. Of course, this has already become an automotive event and not a race. In 2002 and 2006 the event was still completely dedicated to Ferrari. Then in 2012, the organization has opened the doors for all types of vehicles, from all periods. It is this edition, presented by Arthomobile, who gave me the urge to come from the next.

So we're here for this anniversary edition. This was not a foregone conclusion, because it is only a week before the first day that I was able to ask for accreditation. Luckily, my family origins (France side) allowed me to not have to look for hotel. We decide to come for Thursday afternoon when cars entered must appear for final preparations (bibs, roadbook, hotel and gifts ...). And it's also time for us to recover our accreditations and the complete dossier (list of entrants, road book, magazine ...). The simplicity and accuracy of the organization is impressive. You feel instantly welcome.

It's time to get serious. Some cars are already there, like the sun, so rare this year! Given the number of photos we did two, I will deal first with the Ferrari and A cousin. Under the roof of the market, we find a first 365 GTB / 4 Daytona, red, with plexi headlights. The lights are not ideal, but the car is alone.

Not far away is a Formula 1 or rather a mock of M. Schumacher's F2005.

I go back outside to enjoy a bright light, but continues on cars. A beautiful 512 TR:

Some modern begin to arrive, but considering the entry list I do not dwell too much on them, it was announced more interesting models (I mean most rare and exceptional). Random: F430 Spider, 458 Italia, 599GTB Fiorano or F12.

And here comes by road a 458 Challenge !! Tires are barely suitable for the road, but that's all.

A 250 GT Lusso entered.

Then a first 250 GT SWB gray follows.

This is the parade of formers. The blue 365 GTB / 4 Daytona is just superb.

The "Vinaccia" (burgundy) that follows it allows me to see with the headlights opened.

Here is a car that I've seen at this year's Tour Auto. This is the unique 365 GTB / 4 Michelotti NART Spider.

The following has been very successful, but we did not much stopped it. This is a 250 GTO "Favre". That is a false GTO, usually based on a chassis / engine of 250GTE.

A Rosso Fiorano 275 GTB/4:

This gray SWB with tricolor stripe was there in 2012. This is a competition model, marked by the absence of bumper particular.

Another car racing: Dino 246GT Gr4 this.

The old are parked sheltered, but the light remains the biggest problem. Especially with Lake Leman accentuating against the light. But hardly had the time to get out that a 308 Yellow arrives. Nearly every model with retractable headlights are equipped with LED on the bumper. But before you cry foul it is good to know that in Switzerland, from this year, it is mandatory to have lights on during the day. We quickly learned that the Swiss owners had made ??this change in order not to drive continuously with the retractable headlights opened.

Returning to modern with a 599 GTO in an unprecedented livery for us. Gray with red stripe. I find rather nice combo. Brake calipers and mirrors are also red, while the wing badges and wheel studs are made of carbon.

A 365 GTC will shelter.

Another short wheel base happens, the second in Competition version.

A small Dino 246GT.

Now turn to those who will look after and meet me for 3 full days. Remember, when I returned fromVilla d'Este, I saw a LaFerrari Grigio Titanio (and not Alloy as I thought) that I had not managed to capture. I had to see Sport & Collection, but for health reasons, the owner had to give up ahead. It is there, before me. Color, and full configuration, dress it very well. It's simple, classy and dynamic at the same time.

Its color changes depending on the sky. It's just beautiful. Every angle reveals a line. We made a lot of pictures of all the details. Here is a summary:

It slipped on the previous photos, but the gray LaFerrari is closely followed by Rosso Corsa with black roof (and wheels).

A little longer details...

The overall vision is surreal. We are only Thursday and already happy to be there.

Between the two LaFerrari, crossed that white F12, almost unnoticed.

I told you about from the beginning, I'll put on this page a cousin Ferrari Modena. She was there early and you've already recognized between the last two supercars from Maranello, it is the on Maserati MC12. This Enzo in sauce Trident is for me a car Grail. Produced in only 50 copies it is not common to see evolve in natural ground. Yet for four days it will be available to us.

We had, and especially we taken the time to shoot it from any angle. Because even though I love the LaFerrari, it nevertheless produced officially 10 times more copies than the MC12!

Again, lots of detail, starting with the no careened headlights or very elaborate front cover.

The engine is very close to that of the Enzo, but still less powerful (630ch anyway). The hierarchy between Trademarks remained mistress. Although the MC12 has the advantage of being able to discover, there is no place to store the roof. So we will see only closed.

The first day is already completed and we are delighted. This vision could only make happy any automobile enthusiast.

Montreux Grand Prix has a different program for each of the three days (I do not count today as dedicated to gathering and formalities). Friday is going to take the train for a 200km tourist Rally, on Saturday will be a Revival of the hillclimb Glion-Caux and Sunday will be dedicated to the parade in town on part of the historic circuit of Montreux.

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