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Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

That's less than a year that we made ​​the trip, and we're already back to Maranello. Already ? Yes and no because the Museum regularly changing exhibitions, and especially because of the advertising, especially on social networks. So impossible to miss information on vehicles in the place. In addition, a new hall opened in the spring to increase the total exhibition surface. The new exhibition simply called "Supercars". It highlights the genesis of LaFerrari, which is rather surprising for Ferrari generally discreet about the development of its models. While it's the new supercar from Maranello , but it is not enough to make an exhibition . His four predecessors are there: from 288GTO to Enzo . Not enough to make me go 1200km to see vehicles already known. But this adds a few models deserving this name, especially the 288 GTO Evoluzione which there are only 6 copies existing and I never crossed. As the basis of my favorite model , the F40, I could not miss this opportunity to see one . The show ended in late September, after about 6 months. I opted to wait until the last moment for several reasons, but the main one being the advancement of the development of LaFerrari . it was presented in March for delivery in late 2013 , early 2014 , I thought that in September I should see rolling. And chery on the cake , we made ​​the trip just two days after the presentation of the 458 Speciale in Frankfurt , which meant the end of confidentiality of this model and so a chance to cross without mask.

Reservation taken at the hotel Maranello Village (a must for me for its price / quality ratio), which allows to be close and Ferrari total immersion for 2 days. I plan two days to have a minimum rest to the road, but this time the program is less loaded. In fact, we won't go either to Modena (Enzo Ferrari Museum) or in Sant'Agata (Lamborghini) or San Cesario (Pagani). Only for the Museo Ferrari Maranello, spotting and finally, a novelty: The Factory Tour.

We leave early in the morning, but we go to Saronno 9am to recover at the BBR factory a 1/43 scale model of LaFerrari. This is a limited edition 49pcs on carbon base, a display screen printed and a specific black shadow box marked with the name maligned of the model:

After that, we arrive at noon at Maranello and I had planned to eat at Montana, renowned for serving canteen to a part of the team Scuderia. Unfortunately for me I had not expected it to be full upon reservation. Too bad, it will be for next time! Small consolation prize, we heard on the Fiorano track nearby a Formula 1 running. We finally ate pizza at Domus.

After eating, we head to the track to find out what is running. First surprise in this nice weather, there is already people on grids! But we still get to take some pictures and even several passages in video. It was actually a F150 ° Italia. Difficult to see who drive, the picture quality does not distinguish the helmet. either a Ferrari tester or a F1 Clienti.

This is a small video with some runs. Push up the volume!!

After the F1, it's a 458 we see on track, probably for test or records of the noise because it will run some times in front of devices.

Among the spectators a 430 Scuderia with a sublime configuration station next to us. Unfortunately a lot of people running around, difficult to make good photos.

Then we leave the track to return to the side of the plant. This is when I am faced with a LaFerrari! Neither one nor two, I turn around and follows it. Here is the result:

I am convinced that this is Dario Benuzzi the famous Ferrari test driver. He did not like being followed because his job leads him to ignore speed limits, and therefore, it does not want that others follow and put themselves in danger. That is why we see him back in the factory, probably to stand calmly elsewhere.

This time we park because after so much emotion, I think the rest of the journey will be more cool. We go see the new facilities of the Scuderia. Admire the line engine benches!

With the sun behind a portal we distinguish some 599XX. This is quite unexpected.

As we again heard turn on Fiorano, we reach the track, but in fact we come to another LaFerrari comes through. It will be followed by another a few moments later, but no pics thereof.

This is the same on video:

I take the stele in memory of Gilles Villeneuve is clean and flowery, because in December it was not that.

The park behind the museum was landscaped and on a path are scattered plates with the emblems of some models.

And 1:1 scale models give some contrast to this garden in the fall. Unfortunately they do not seem to like affronts climate.

The Scuderia has not finished its enormous project, but it is hidden from the public by fences reminding of the titles won in the past. Obliged to pass Ferrari Store which doubled its surface and showcases a sublime yellow 275GTB/4. Finally, the portal that we will take the next day ...

And continuing our walk, again, although this is a fun, LaFerrari passing before us.

As we never tire of seeing and hearing ...

I spend side of Toni Auto to expect to see some treasures:

And while I photograph the Dino, I saw off a rather special 458. And this is nothing to say because it is indeed a 458 Speciale, my first. I know it will return to the factory, so I run, run, time to regret having stopped the sport, but I have to get over at the barriers. I found doing the refueling. After a few minutes, it goes ...

Time to catch my breath, I shoot the comings and goings at the output of the plant including this nice F12:

Or 458 of these pilot training for customers wanting to better control their toy:

You may have noticed on the photo of the historic entrance to the factory a blue F12. It makes our pleasure to pass in front of us. Color, highlighted by the sun is superb. I lean towards the blue Abu dhabi. Note the end of the day for workers leaving the factory.

I think this 275 GTS is being restored in Classiche.

As the day ends for workers, we retreat and go to the hotel.

The next day we leave early even though the museum does not open until 9:30. But I make a small detour to see a logistics warehouse, where production of Ferrari and Maserati passes before being delivered in concession. While all models went out chain are protected for transport and provides only limited interest, but what is in the foreground intrigues me. We are far enough, there are grids and against day is not conducive to shoot. But I am able to distinguish 599 XX and F1. The presence of a Truck of FXX - XX - F1 Clienti leaves no doubts. And to top it all, there is a kind of discharge parts and tires. Suffice to say that the desire to bring back a souvenir is tempting, but not really possible.

We leave for the museum and enjoy the pleasure of being alone for landscape photos ...

But as we look towards the door, I hear a whirring that is familiar to me from the day before. One LaFerrari passes. Then a second pass in the opposite direction. The people around us do not even seem to care.

I will return to my visit to the museum here. But leaving the museum after eating there, I discovered this Mondial Cabriolet. I'm not a fan of this model, but it is mostly we rarely see in such good condition.

People come from afar to make the pilgrimage, but it comes together!

Back to strategically waiting time of Factory Tour. And now a new 458 Speciale, blue this time.

We see this F12 "washing". Surprisingly it lasts. The Factory Tour teach us that it is sealing tests for the car. This tunnel simulates all forms of rain that can undergo the car, from the big storm to high pressure washing.

Road tests continue. This allows us to see very different configurations of each model.

Here! One LaFerrari refueling.

The 458 Speciale is back.

We take care until the supercar fill the tank and go. But eventually, probably because we were there, it will not pass the gate before us.

We go around the factory, because don't pass the strategic roundabout would be shameful. And it was here that I saw my first LaFerrari in December, under her dress camouflage. Then we pass the wind tunnel which is undergoing renovation (it is only seen from the inside).

Direction parking Museum where we expected this minibus to visit the factory. So this Factory Tour, what is it? Everybody knows, but nobody has to tell. So first, you must know that to reserve a place, it is best to order tickets online Museum + Factory Tour, so be sure to get tickets. How much does it cost? € 9 in addition to the museum ticket. We leave the museum and enter directly through the historic entrance to the factory. Great emotion for those, like me, who never had this chance. Then we come to the first courtyard. Each building is explained to us in English and Italian. Then we take the Via Enzo Ferrari, the avenue that runs through the factory from the historic entrance to the main entrance at wind tunnel side. Similarly, it explains the function of each building, engine plant, V8 assembly line, painting, style center, R&D. Anything goes, even the staff cafeteria. Obviously the bus stopsbut no one goes down. After the tour, we head towards Fiorano. Similarly, we cross the famous gate, but we do not go in the middle of the track, we went around the circuit to reach the Logistica, this huge metal building where are parked all trucks of the Scuderia. And finally, we come out the main entrance of the Scuderia, where are the engine benches seen previously. The tour lasts about an hour. We learn many things, especially we see things that we would not see that being prompted or client. The only constraint that was not really for me, is strictly forbidden to take pictures. Mobile phones are pelletized and a following car monitors no device takes a picture. Ferrari reserves the right to remove what would have been seized. Personal Conclusion: Yes it's worth it because this is a visit that lives, even if we can not share a picture later.

We leave pleased with this visit and redo around town before finally coming home, but now a Red 458 Speciale, with its strippes od presentation passes in front of us.

Here's a trip under the sun that has filled us novelties and unpublished. Wishing next soon...

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