May 2015


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

We do not need a reason or even excuse to go to Maranello, but made thousands of kilometers every year to our reports force us to raise a little foot or so to consolidate multiple events on a journey. It is an exhibition at the Museo prompted me to come. Maranello is only 240 km from Como, we made the choice to get off just before the Concourso d'Eleganza Villa d'Este.

We visited the Museo Ferrari Enzo and the Museo Ferrari in Modena, but I will return on every visit to a special report. Let us focus here on the spotting conducted Wednesday and Thursday. Arrived on the roundabout, we find already in place Ludovic.

The first car we see is a 488 GTB. First dynamic encounter with this new model presented in Geneva. The place is not really a strong acceleration zone and therefore we can not judge the sound of this turbo engine. Directly from the factory, the second vehicle is a development mule based on 458. We note the entrance side air.

Then keep coming Ferrari. A F12, and a body of 458 bound for Carrozzeria Zanasi. And finally, in 458 Speciale RHD.

The following 488 GTB will pass many times before us. Probably a vehicle in stage of development for journalists trials. A rare 458 Speciale with a beautiful metallic red. And two FF.

I know that we are in full pace for the realization of LaFerrari and I hope to see most. But when I see this fighter plane I get stuck! What introduction. Surprisingly but fortunately for us, it is not decked usual protections.

The cars continued their parade. A body of 458 Spider, the 488 and California T

A black 488 under protection then again the mule.

Second LaFerrari and second surprise! This time it is orange! The side lighting in the bumper tells me that this is an export version (US Spec). Despite its protections we distinguish the color well. Interestingly, it has various wheels in front and at the rear.

A Ferrari 458 Speciale gray and red Spider.

This roundabout gives us a breathtaking view of the output of the plant, but we must remain vigilant and monitor all exchangers. The proof is with this third LaFerrari, yellow Modena this time coming from the bridge. This is a development model that rolls steadily in Maranello. Nevertheless it remains my first yellow and I'm glad to see one.

A F12. I hope to see a lot of mule "GTO" which is scheduled for release later this year, but it does not look like.

The 458 Speciale RHD comes back from its ride.

Fourth LaFerrari and even a color festival this time with a dark metallic red. Gorgeous. I am already extremely satisfied with our meetings!

Even the 488 GTB, but as the weather was quite gratified us with rain, I do reshoots dry.

Another 458 Spider with original configuration: yellow and black.

A 488 well protected.

And one completely naked.

Back again the LF Yellow. This time in a much better position to take pictures in front of the sign of the same color.

A California T blu Azzurro. Superb.

One last time for 488 today!

We were also surprised to see a Tesla P85 out of the factory. Is that a visitor to the factory or competitor test as all manufacturers do? It is not known but it is surprising.

We go into town to discover the new building of the Scuderia Ferrari, under construction during our last visit. It's huge.

Trip to the Ferrari Store right next door which is exposed this 166 MM Spider Scaglietti.

But this is a new store that attracts my attention with strange things for sale inside. Start with the Testa d'Oro. A very special creation based on a Testarossa chassis. It was futuristic without doubt at its release, but in 2015 it's just not very nice.

And we also find the Pinin, the only four-door Ferrari as Enzo did not want. It is now equipped with a 512 BB engine.

Upon leaving, we see a 458 Speciale of the driving center for Ferrari clients.

On Thursday, the rain finally removed, leaving a bright sun. 458 Speciale, FF, 458 Italia body.

488, California T, F12. Cars come and go

Like Tesla yesterday, today is a McLaren MP4-12C Spider comes out of the factory.

California T

While walking in town we see a LaFerrari body on a tray.

Starting eat at the Montana, we see a little Fiorano track. A F12 and 458 runs.

Last session and finally a red Ferrari, black roof, base configuration but not seen on these two days yet!

F430 Scuderia with a nice configuration that walks.

Hope to see F12 ultimate version, but apart from this cover there is nothing to say that it is not a normal F12...

Spotting in Maranello has become a must, as well as the Museo. But it is interesting that if configurations or particular vehicles leave the factory. This session was very good in any case!

To visit the Museo, come here!

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