Forum Auto meeting - Alsace 2011


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

Once again thanks to Forum Auto, I was able to find some nice Ferrari close to home. I would have loved to participate in their full tour since it was a visit to Maranello, but the invitation to join them on a step back was already very nice and fit my schedule. This meeting was originally scheduled to be on Saturday night at the castle of Isenburg in Colmar, but taken by the harvest, I had to resign myself to Sunday morning. Up at dawn, I expected one thing: that their evening was as nice as mine and that fatigue hold them to leave too soon. I went straight to the castle for the presence of Italian and possibly see if pictures were possible. They were there, but definitely not highlighted.

Getting out of bed to get out I went to take some pictures of the castle in the first rays of the sun. There was really no crowd that morning.

So I decided to go to take some pictures of the vines. In the midst of harvest they are beautiful.

The sun is higher and higher, and the clock is ticking. I decided to wait for the exit of the property to the first pictures of the car. The wait will be long, but the roar of an engine warning me of their impending arrival. First one, then two and three. Led by Mr K (pseudo on the forum) and his Rosso Corsa 456GT which stops time to make introductions.

They are late on their program so no time for a shoot. Without further ado, I tried everything to everything. I followed them through the typical Alsatian town, open convertible and shooting blindly above the windscreen. Some summary judgments make me run for one or two photos on the fly.

Fortunately for me, a stop "last looks" on the castle will allow me a few details.

Then restarts the procession crossing speed bumps rather effective. Half unexpected turn because the GPS will help me again in a few shots less local scenery.

Just for the pleasure of all, everyone will take a nice start. I like to see as the 456 GT so beautiful it is, rears up!

And finally, a few shots taken while driving, fortunately legal speed. I was very apprehensive about the outcome, but I'm doing fine. Be careful driving while doing other things is very dangerous. Do Not Copy!

Thanks to Mr K for the invitation, hoping to discuss it further next time!

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