Ferrari Racing Days - Le Castellet - 2015


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

It was in 2009 that we had discovered the Ferrari Challenge, become Ferrari Racing Days now. That year we discovered the FXX on an impressive track: The HTTT Paul Ricard in the town of Le Castellet. What memory! So when I heard that the new version of the event returned in the south of France, with the added newest FXX K, the issue of travel has obviously raised. This still represents 1500km over 3 days, the budget and all the usual constraints despite the overwhelming desire to go there. From the time that we participate in the same events, we agreed with to travel together. When the alarm goes off at 1am must still pick away the motivation to make the 7-hour drive separating us from the circuit. Fortunately the ride was uneventful and we arrive there with beautiful weather.

We get our badges with surprise that we have not got the same. First concern for trackside in access. No time to lose in this kind of detail, we will see later.

As Nicolas knows the places we come to the car park, greeted by two Ferrari outside the offices of SRO: A 355 Challenge and 550 GT.

Before entering the paddock we discover some 488 GTB brought for testing and customer demonstrations. Ferrari never forgets business. And in the paddock of the hall that leads us to the press room, this is the FXX K presentation (Abu Dhabi 2014) is there. It's been our happiness.

Chasubles retrieved it is time to have concrete and move pitlane side. Beware of emotions when you arrive before 4 FXX K aligned in the same box! The 13 already seen in Turin last June, the 23 and 69 both red but with different decorations and finally 27 of Peter Mann, of course Blue Tour de France decorated with white, like his LaFerrari.

But going to stand after, I discovered a 5th K, Number 21, repeating the same configuration as the 599 XX Evo beside that belongs to the same owner.

We spent a lot of time around to enjoy those rare times. I do not forget that in 2009 we were mere spectators, today we are in the middle of the cars, mechanics and pilots. This is the real reward for our work. Everything is ordered. The logistics that accompanies each car is impressive.

Technical details on the FXX K are many, but if in addition we add the aesthetic details of each owner, it gets complicated! We are far from a basic race car with body panels riveted, finishing here is as good as on a production car.

Of course, some are just out of the factory and for example not yet the finished seat, only the foam molded to the size of the pilot who will then select the color.

We really personalizes all!

The interior is racing, but also there for gentlemen drivers. The screen shows the circuit with telemetry.

The blue attracts, is indisputable.

Another series of small details, the last tribute to Jules Bianchi disappeared a few days before.

As I announced earlier, in the XX series, it's not just the FXX K that are there. Since the program began, all models are still used at these concentrations. Six 599 XX are present, some original, others Evo Version (including the rear wing), but also 3 FXX (all Evoluzione). This represents a total of 15 XX.

Already on previous models, the decor took precedence. And this 21 is superb.

In a more aggressive style, the 40 wears a matte black body.

The 38 is not passed Evo, it still has its wings instead of the huge spoiler, headlights more like those of a standard 599 GTB and tailpipes are still at the back.

The interior has also evolved, with the disappearance of the airbag on the steering wheel. The last one shows a FXX, reminiscent of the Enzo.

I always loved the FXX and I am delighted to see yet running. The 47 with the metallic paint is beautiful, but difficult to bring out a photo.

Several F1 also made the trip. But I confess to being less interested. We will see them on the track later.

I met Peter Mann in the stand so I go out to see where is parked his LaFerrari. Just behind, alone. Spotless!

The Ferrari Racing Days always include races. Here only 458 Challenge run.

It's sunny, hot but bearable and we are surrounded by Ferrari. It is happiness for any enthusiast. But that does not stop to appreciate the context, evidence.

Ferrari knows how to receive, and when mealtime approaches, we are pleased with Italian dishes!

I meet Nicolas with Franck in the hall they were able to reach a minimum the barriers around the # 10, I take so quickly.

But the show is not necessarily inside! And car park for Ferrari fills. A beautiful 599 GTO Black, a Special or a 488 GTB.

The Giallo Tristrato consistently attracts me and this F12 sellotape me completely. Finally, up to expose the red carbon on the underbody and the interior two-tone rather special ...

A second 599 GTO comes, this time white and mono-tone premium.

The two combined have wonderful views and superb contrast.

Between Truck Challenge I come across this 458 Speciale A who remember that seen at the Villa d'Este. But it is indeed another. My first visit was marred by the shadow of a truck, but when returning later, the light takes values in detail.

A F512M! Very rare, at least as much maligned, but combo gray with red inside suits it well.

I did not stop on all these models, but almost all model series the last 30 years were there.

Another 458 Speciale A, in a red that is reminiscent of a XX ...

It's time to look a little 488 GTB discovered in Geneva. I admit that this model does not revolutionize the range aesthetically. Of course, the most important is the appearance of the turbo.

For cons, I think the two-tone suits it very well, as was the case on the 458. Notice the new key format!

Having really a lot of pictures during the weekend, I have to split for readability. So you find the track part of Friday here.

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