13th Lotus Jura Tour
August 2014


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

Become a rendezvous for us unconditional, the Lotus Jura Tour is in its 13th edition. It took place on August 23 (and 24 for those who do not get enough). Probably due to some unpredictable weather during the past editions, only 48 cars were registered on 70 that organizers can accept. But almost 50 Lotus (with derivatives) is already a beautiful collection and a nice rally. With summer we did not have, the weather with very little rain unexpected.

The points of departure and arrival are the same: From La Chaux-de-Fonds to Bure. But some 200km between are different each year with a regular point of crossing the Rangiers. The 2014 itinerary:

This year the report will be "inboard". So very few photos of the car while driving, but I hope the shortfall by embedded videos. We arrived early to capture the arrival of everyone (or almost). Certainly it's not raining, but it's cold and the sun is shy.

From the first arrivals, we feel that a nice line-up will be implemented. The organizers come with their Esprit V8: Didier then Manu.

The variety of models, versions and colors is really nice. Few Brands give us such a show at rallies.

The contrast for years is visible between the last Exige S V6 and Esprit S1

But Elise represent the majority.

Here's one we have not heard come. Based on a Lotus chassis, the Tesla is of course welcome to Lotus Jura Tour. It stands out by its silence while others want to do more often noise.

A Europa S, model has become rare since it is no longer produced. Seven that follows is another philosophy.

Another time, Elan S4 came mix (confront?) to offspring. While the Exige S is the latest we can preparing the start.

A small panoramic photo with the cars are aware of the beauty of the show. People crossing this village never fail to slow down and watch with surprise all those toys.

Of course, before moving to the journey we have taken care to make some shots of the park.

Be careful, Manu oversees!!


And to introduce them to the maximum, a little color grading! Let's start with the blue:

Yellow! We took advantage of this moment to get the roadbook, the plate and scarf Lotus Jura Tour 2014 (an excellent idea that many will appreciate immediately).

Elise, Exige, S1, S2, make your choice:

Caterham S7 Competition!

both V8 of organizers.

The transition is made to move to the red Elise S2 & Caterham 40th Anniversary.

Back again the Tesla. A lot of curiosity around the car, with the main question: autonomy. Obviously it is hoped loop around. The finish is a little more upscale than an Elise.

Few pictures, but the oranges were numberous.

Gray with the Europa S and Exige S V6:

Two Exige S1 were present after the yellow, the green here.

Esprit S1

Elan S4

And the two S3 Elise SC: BRG green and white.

I started with the blue and the yellow, I end with the Blue and yellow. Here is a beautiful duet of Exige S2.

And go for the first 100 kilometers will lead us to Saignelégier for a break. The scenery on the banks of the lakes are beautiful. The roads are dry and the roof is in the trunk despite felt ten degrees at most. The pace of the ride is good, without excess. At least in our convoy as the former are far!

Got to the stage, at first the Tesla seeks a power outlet! Meanwhile, we enjoy a hot chocolate (Swiss of course).

Small scare in front a bunch of snow, but I think it is the "waste" of the machine to repeat the ice rink.

We enjoy the scenery a bit far to take some pictures with the cars that can do this: the Elan, the Cat'...

Exige S1 & S V6

The car park was full because of sporting event. We had to park a little anywhere.

All in line to make a U-turn...

But despite this, it is the most complete mess!

It's my turn to take the wheel. The start is in convoy thereby calm the ardor of each because we are not alone on the road. It remains essential to keep safe distance between two cars. Some areas are bad (melted tar, gravel...)

But while the group has expanded a bit, I'm third in the convoy. In these cases, we follow without asking too many questions and we follow by reflex the one that precedes us. Unfortunately, as you will see in the following video, if the first lens, the risk is great to follow. So while the Elise S1 has completely missed the turn, the S2 has followed, scoring anyway to deviate not into him. Lots of luck in this incident. First there was room to get free (and for two cars!) And secondly, probably alerted by previous cars, Fiat who arrived in front had the very good sense to stop to let the two Lotus pass. For my part, from the view of tire smoke, I realized that something was happening. By activating the panic mode, we had to understand very quickly what was going to see the 90 ° turn and throw it. At this point, I do not know if both cars are damaged or not, but to avoid a double-accident, I prefer move because there a lot of people behind. Didier of the organization is in, and I know he will stop to assist if needed. It will confirm to me later that cars and their passengers have nothing.

So here I am in front of the march, with a scare for me too who does not want to damage the Lotus that is not mine. To as and when the convoy is no longer one, and when I arrive at the famous climb Rangiers I'm behind Elise S2 and followed by S1. Needless to say, each moving at their own pace and it's not a race. With new tires I noticed that the grip is excellent! Impossible to slide this time. Here is the video of what happens.

We still have to finish the course with a passage from the French side. But Alsace welcome us especially with the rain at the point to stop and put the soft top. We also have the pleasure to follow the Tesla whose batteries are emptying faster than our tanks of Unleaded 98.

A Bure, many cars are already there, but we will wait all participants to take some pictures. First group:

The yellow Exige S1 is isolated:

Exige S2 orange:

Yellow again...

Esprit S1 & V8

Caterham 7

The game of 7 errors:


Pretty colorful duo:

And to close....

It's time to eat, and it's not Scrat will say otherwise...

Here finally, the "full" video of the day. I cut the uninteresting parts and accelerated others to have a video of only 30 minutes. What is already long in absolute terms, especially for those whose internet speed is not high.

Another very nice day, orchestrated by the hands of masters Didier, Manu and their team that we thank and congratulate them for their work! Always nice encounters and nice reunion with enthusiasts. I also thank Gregory for the loan of two GoPro. And of course, see you next year!!

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