2nd Edition Dream for sick children - October 2012


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

After a first edition in March 2011 that I missed, which was proved to be impressive , I didn't want to miss the second day Dreams for sick children on the Dijon-Prenois track. This charity day as we can see on every track allows children and their families, out of a daily rhythm of illness or disability. Sponsored by the Ferrari Club France and its president Peter Mann, what are forty Ferrari who were able to stretch the pistons on the legendary French track and take on board several hundred people in total.

The purpose of these days is to raise funds to improve the lives of these young patients and as tests are also possible for the public through a cash contribution. But I was surprised by the near absence of publicity around this event. Unless you follow the schedule of the circuit or to buy the local newspaper yesterday, he is nowhere refers to this day. Fortunately, some enthusiasts believe to communicate on the cars forums.

Start with small overviews.

Then to make it simple, let's start chronologically with the oldest Ferrari V8 present on the spot: the 308GTB
and its little sister 328GTS

I think I will never get tired of the F355

The 360 Modena brings us back in the early 2000s

And Challenge Stradale version is always the happiness of property owners. Here several red, black, superb Rosso Mugello and Blue Tour de France, owned by the President of the CFF.

And competition versions, from the Challenge to GT3s.

Red F430 rouge, or black


430 Scuderia

Or, the ultimate version, the 430 Scuderia Spider 16M. Too bad she did not stay long.

The next 430 is an enigma to me. Externally it's a Challenge (petrol flap, rear bumper, tow hook fixed wheel with central fixing, ...) and yet it is registered and has, among other things, a car radio.

GT3 version leaves no doubt. Pure tracker.

Turning to the current range with the 458 Italia

In spider, it is just to like.

Now here is the one that made the show throughout the day: the 458 GT2. A real rocket on wheels. On a short track as Dijon, you don't wait long between two passages of the beast.

Turning now to the V12. If it wasn't a modificata, this 456 could proudly claim his 20 years so the line remains elegant. Sure its small wheels hosieried with tires relatively high do not allow it to do lap times, but it's still nice to see it develop on a track.

Coarser than the 456, the 612 yet it retains uniqueness of Ferrari 4 places. And despite criticism very pronounced at its release, we must admit that its style is now completely accepted, especially compared with its daughter...

Yes, the FF does not always gives me the thrill Ferrari ... Still on track is something else that 456 or 612. A preference for the gray.

By cons when you rediscover one Testarossa whenever you get the chance, you will find the desired emotion, one that makes you love Ferrari. One of the most remarkable Ferrari of past 30 years. Only representative of a 12 rear cylinders that day.

The 550 Maranello, icon of the 90s, has the same qualities and defects that 456. Sleek and elegant that could be actual without some anachronisms.

This is even more obvious on the Barchetta, yet magnificent, but the two rear arches sould deserve an ejection system to hide them as the need does not feel.

The 575 Superamerica remedy this perfectly with its rotating roof.

The 599 Fiorano Ferrari part of all that you appreciate more with time. Especially in this red.

After the basic version, there was the HGTE and finally the GTO. The owner there seems to love it as he turned his 599 GTO. But appearances can be deceiving ...

The next two are real GTO, the first is the classical version in two-tone red and gray. The second replaced the red by the blue Pozzi.

A beautiful day seems to have brought a little dream in the suffering of these children. One more reason for us to take advantage of the opportunity we have, for cars that we can see during our many trips, and for the mere possibility of doing so.

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