4th Dreams for Sick Children - October, 11th 2014


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

This is already the fourth edition of this day to get out sick children of their medical environment, to convey them enjoyment of life and of exceptional cars. This is only my second time here, but I can already see the size has taken this event. Organized by the Lions Club of Dijon, with the partnership of the Ferrari Club France, approximately 80 Ferrari allowed to take the children on the legendary circuit of Dijon-Prenois. But it is also an opportunity for the public to make a baptism whose profits are to entirely donated to the associations, and research against cancer. Admission to the event is free, which allows visitors to admire on the paddock or on the track the beauties from Maranello. Various stands allow entertain children (games, makeup ...) or let them discover trades (presence of wildlife, firefighters, army air ...). And with weather that saved us (apart from a usual morning fog in Bourgogne), all the ingredients were there for the success of this day.

Hampered by tendinitis, Christelle could only enjoy the show. It was the opportunity of stealing her new camera to try it. I am not disappointed!

Despite some versatility of models, the moderns are mainly come to stretch rods on the track. A direct consequence of not doing photo of each car. I am limited to the remarkable models or very recent. The first is that Dino 246 GTS in an unusual color.

I go to the V8 in chronological order. A 308 and 328 were there all day. The Mondiale seems to have arrived later.

The most ferocious V8 with two turbos, the F40 was represented by two copies. The second arrived quite late and I did not much photographed.

I never get tired of seeing it turn on the circuit. This reminds me some memories...

Continue with the 348. It's rare enough to point out, but the lights were required to enter the track and it allowed us to see the generation of retractable headlights open their eyes.

The 348 is more like the Pininfarina design, but since the time that sees the Vigeant, I've never really focused on it. This error is now fixed.

Its descendant, the F355 is still more desirable to my eyes than the 348 it is nevertheless derived.

We have here one of the few copies of the 355 Challenge road legal. Indeed, the first series were homologated for the road.

The 360 Modena already displays 15 years but it is still very popular, especially Challenge Stradale version. We even had the choice of colors. Start naturally by the red:

A nice gray:

A Giallo Modena:

A black Spider:

And a black Challenge Stradale:

Continue with other 360, competition this time. It is difficult to know exactly what model it is because the owners do not hesitate to change their car. We find, for example, some Challenge became N-GT:

The F430 also had many versions: Berlinetta, Scuderia and a Scuderia Spider 16M even came to a little tour of the paddock.

Like the 360, the 430 ran various championships. The first is a car that I see every year at Le Vigeant, a cross between a Scuderia and a GT3. Beastly!

This is a 430 GTC

Some California were here.

Like a lot of 458 Italia.

But it is especially in Spider I love it. Especially with the yellow Tristato...

... when it's closed!

The red version is fitted with a option proposed by Capristo: the glass on the bonnet. But if the idea is good I am not satisfied with the final result.

Turning to the Speciale whose success is proven. Difficult to recognize them between red, luckily the rims are different.

The last 458 is a Challenge.

To conclude this V8 section, I have to end with the last produced (pending 458 Speciale A), which opens the turbo back, it's the California T.

Following V12, flat to start with the Testarossa.

Then at 90 with these two 550 Maranello.

If you are faithful to Forza Passione, which I do not doubt for a second, you must recognize this 456M GT, since this is the one I drove last June to go for a shooting. . I took the opportunity to redo some pictures, including interior, and especially on the track, without the precipitation of the last time.

The 575mm successor to the 550 Maranello.

Quickly, a 612 Scaglietti, a 599 GTB Fiorano and a cute F12.

It is always weird, but FF is also a devourer of bitumen!

It's time to address that which, by itself, justify my move. The unique LaFerrari Blue Tour de France with its double white line on the hood. Favorite color of the owner as some of his other cars, it appears so elegant that you almost forget its capabilities. Stopped anyway...

Personalization proposed by Ferrari achieves this two-tone blue TdF / Carbon matte blue. Add to this the wheels and interior coordinated gray. I tried not to miss any detail, but it is not easy, there are obviously a lot of people around the barriers that protect it.

The sun of the late afternoon brings out this wonderful color.

The interior in Alcantara gray, harnesses, the matte carbon and of course, # 27 on the wheel.

I talked about the possibilities for customization, they are edging up body color on the carbon air intake manifold. I wanted to see this close detail and I thank the owner for opening me the window motor.

But if there's one thing I was hoping was to see it turn on the track. Baptisms on board were offered by the raffle. We have not been drawn, but it was a good show. I could see it from almost all parts of the circuit where it is possible to take pictures. A treat. See it moving among the others showed how it is efficient and fast. The owner for the first time reached the 300km / h on this circuit. (He has already exceeded 350 at the wheel). Admire its mobile wing in action.

This day is as special as important for children. We really need to participate every year, and I hope to meet you on site to provide support. Congratulations to the organization and the participants. See you soon...

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