XVIII Sport & Collection
Day 3


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

Saturday, we need to wake up early to arrive before people and to use the sun for pics when it's not to high. And what about starting with the black 458 parked at the B&B. I just missing two lights for the front of the car...

Arrived at the track, I decide to go directly at the side track. I was near to take rock on my head...

More fear than damage, the Scuderia will go out alone.

Used people are here early to use the track without too much cars. Car, tires and track are cold, it's important to start slowly.

In my place I can benefit of the sun to the front of the cars. What is not an avantage for drivers.

I go back to the stand. A Dino is ready to drive, a BB stay its driver and the F50 has changed of garage.

The 599GTO shows its heart, obligatory stop.

The paddock start to be full, with particular cars like this 456 green. A british look well weard.

The 365 GTB/4 Spider is ready for the shoot.

While a new session is ready to go.

How to be not appreciative?

But one the majors events of the week-end happen, I need to go back at the side track. Some people came just for it, myself not, but it's the most expected moment for me. The parade of the F40 for the 25th anniversary.

Unfortunatelly, it's was not really a parade, but a special session only for the F40. Drivers didn't wait all to drive together. I ouldn't seen all F40 at the same time. Shame!

The F40 will be met by the others Ferrari.

The sun is already hidden by clouds.

Emotive sequence with this nice 288 GTO...

... some Testarossa...

... some F40...

... and THE panel!!

Last session for the day.

The weather seems bad for the end of the day, I'm worry for the sunday. But this clouds give a good contrast for pics.

We could found a lot of great cars on saturday. Let's start with this McLaren F1 well known by spotters. it probably come from the secret anniversary of the model celebrated in the Alpes.

Descendant is here, but the exclusivity not. This MP4-12C is liked, no doubt.

The lamborghini Miura is an automobile icon not wait at Sport & Collection, really great surprise!

Moderns don't got the same value.

Lotus were here many, but I think was used owner are not here, probably they are in a private meeting with the club. I give attention to the Aubergine Exige who drive me the day before.

To continue with Exige...

Some Elise

And to finish with the brand of Hettel, a fight with a Lotus 23 and a 2-Eleven.

Always British, go to the Aston Martin park.

Maserati, with the MC12 on the track all it's possible.

Porsche seems to be good on the track.

911 40th anniversary.

911 GT2.


And GT3 RS.

What about It? Here to remember that Porsche are not unerring.

KTM Xbow.

To finish, this a panel of VHC (Véhicle Historic of Competition).

This cars need to run some laps to be at good temp.

But the show is not good for everybody, and we had a demonstration of the passion with this guy reparing a joint on the floor.

Again, a long report which, I hope, give you idea of the sensation we get overthere.

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