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Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

Day 1 - Ferrari:

As an annual ritual, the first weekend of June, we follow the direction of the circuit of Val de Vienne. If the unpleasant memory the car breakdown last year remains in my mind, this year, the clock is set to 01:00 from Thursday. After breakfastand especially the 600km swallowed , we arrive at L'Isle Jourdain just when the fuel gauge reminds me that I drive gasoline. Therefore, go to the usual station at 7.30am where we do not see a lot of people. But when tank is full, the first pleasant surprise will soon. I see a flatbed truck arrived, as we see regularly for transporting a vehicle. It is small, it carries just a car, which is also the secluded in a closed box. While the driver with a the Italian accent asked for help to his full, I asked him what he carries. He replied "Ferrari". Sport & Collection is also called "500 Ferrari against cancer," I'm hardly surprised. I asked him specifically. He replied, "You want to see?" and opens the side door of the tray. I was speechless. Against all odds, I see the 599XX Evo # 27, Blue Tour de France I longed previous years. I see it at last! It was not officially announced, but as the owner did not have time to take delivery of his LaFerrari, I think he wanted the shortfall. We can only thank him for his initiative! That suggests a great weekend.

But back primarily on the history of Sport & Collection. Indeed, it is the 20th edition of the event organized and created by Jean-Pierre Doury. I know of no other gatherings have continued, and especially known to grow as much. And since 10 years since I come, every year, I have seen this trend, this craze What the owners of exceptional cars, to present them, roll them and take people inboard for track baptisms. Thanks to the efforts of all: Volunteers, participants, partners and of course the public, it's € 3.2 million that have been donated to the research against cancer. All the ingredients are there for continued success, and I'm sure the 5 Million Euros will be reached before 2020.

It is 8:00 when we arrive on the circuit of Val-de-Vienne, and after a quick tour of the paddock to see what cars are already present, I saw in the distance a beautiful truck from the Scuderia Ferrari which will unload. Just arrived I discovered the 365 GTB / 4 Daytona having raced at Le Mans in 72. This livery is fairly well known, but we never get tired of seeing it again. The decor of the truck (original Scuderia, dating from 1976) is perfect.

No doubt about the purpose of the beast: The competition!

But this great truck obviously has space for several cars. It is estimated that 3 Formula 1of this era could go. The problem is that few cars are also low and the deadline for return is 44 inches high. That is why the sublime white 288 GTO you discover below has front tires deflated. But as the Daytona, if you want to enjoy the scenery and especially the total absence of the world around us for the photos, what retail tire does not bother us.

All Ferrari 288 GTO came out of the factory in red, but later 2 were painted in white, the latter belonging to Carlos Monteverde and the other belonging to Chris Evans, who recently returned to its original color.

It is so rare to see a GTO, especially in such a state that necessarily I stayed until it left.

I scrutinized every detail, up to two air exchangers that are distinguished through the louvers of the engine hood with reverse opening.

In addition to its exterior color, the interior configuration is also special with the famous Daytona leather burgundy and black.

It will join the Daytona for its exhibition, where it will be difficult to isolate them.

Needless to say, it is barely 9:00 and my trip is already amortized in emotions. Us continue around the paddock with the usual F40...

... Or new 458 Speciale.

Charles Pozzi exposes a portion of its stock, including this F12 with super configuration. Further, a 458 Italia with its best dress: Giallo Tristato.

If the 500 Ferrari announced come, it will be difficult and not very interesting to photograph them all. So we stop on those that stand out as this 458 Challenge grey, a Scuderia with almost all possible options carbons, another with Italian bands or a 430 GTC with Goldsmith preparation.

This edition celebrates the 50 years of the 275 GTB. We could discover beautiful examples like this.

It will be displayed next to the GTO (which is celebrating its 30 years anyway) and Daytona.

It seems out of restoration as its condition is exceptional.

I keep in mind that I must not lack unloading the truck cross at the gas station and arrived shortly after us. Here when cleaning the 599XX Evo.

Failing setting, we shot details. I absolutely want to have the most images of this model.

The identity of the owner is not a secret, He's the President of Ferrari Club France. You can see the work on the aero rear window. But when the driver opens the door with the simple instruction not to touch anything...

... Take turns we run to soak up the racing atmosphere of modern times ( obviously clear that we are not mounted in, even if some of the photos may suggest. Respect the property of others is unfortunately not rule applied by all and we have during this weekend even found that people do not hesitate to overstep some bounds, physical or moral)

While road tests are going under a blazing sun, the cars arrive.

For big wheelers, the day on Thursday is ideal because limited participants and therefore number of cars on the track. This is the day for lap times!

Both white 458 Special have much moved throughout the day. Unfortunately never going to wash...

Celebrated another birthday this year: 20 years of the SP 333. The first units have already arrived.

Outside newcomers come, confront or leave carry. Charles Pozzi nicely decorated its assistance truck.

That's it, the truck moves to unload XX closer to its final position. Starts with the selection of photos. The few photographers are ordered on site which helps keep photos clean. I offer you up for detailing the car. There are few opportunities to approach them.

Probably the 458 that I like most: Spider Giallo Tristato, carbon rear "grid" and thin rims.

If at the beginning of this report I could give the impression that I was no more interested by the F40, now is the time to tell you that yes, I'm still addicted to this model! I'm just waiting for the right spot.

Besides, another felt very lonely...

This F12 is really beautiful in this sun. Are again the two white 458 . Not easy to distinguish them, and yet...

Some predict the stock for the weekend! Is that going to be enough? Nothing is less certain in the blazing sun.

This first day was so rich, that we have not done track photos. Find the others brands here. Despite my enthusiasm, the bad news was given early in the morning, the LaFerrari Grigio Alloy announced will not come because the owner is suffering. So there remains more than announced for the next day: red with black roof.

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