21th Sport & Collection - June 2015


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

The 2014 edition of Sport & Collection was exceptional and that, as early as Thursday, a day dedicated to unloading trucks and setting up the cars, stalls and the whole organization of the weekend. This year, we have therefore chosen to keep our program that begins at 8am on site.

And I must say that the first welcome was good since it is this beautiful F40 that will take out the camera from the bag. Hardly further, another legend dominates the middle of the parking: a Testarossa. In the paddock, a second F40 hides a red duo.

The first Ferrari unloaded are those offered for sale by Pozzi concession. I let them work and go on the side of the pit lane. And here is a beautiful yellow F355 Spider. Model and configuration I especially appreciate.

Not far away a line of 458: Special, Challenge and Challenge Evo. All just waiting: the opening of the track ...

The cars of Jean-Pierre Clément are discharged, the F40 LM who still raves about me so much.

Some old, typical of the event, are set up: Lusso, 275, 365 GT 2+2

We do not change angle, but generation. Two beautiful California T were there.

A 458 Spider with a unique and radiant configuration came from Switzerland.

Here again the LaFerrari of Joel Rivière. All owners I've ever met, except Peter Mann, are not interested to put it on the track. It will run only the Sunday parade.

Conversely, if there is indeed a model that can be seen only on track, it is the 333SP! 5 copies were there this year.

The paddock is filling slowly ...

While some go straight track!

This is a very friendly cargo, the F40 already tells me who owns the LaFerrari: Gilbert Lestrade! This enthusiast will finally had his copy that he chose red, full. With the F40, it is a treat for the eyes!

It is almost unnoticed, but an Enzo is exposed on the stand of De Widehem and other very nice models.

In the middle of Italian Village, an F12 is exposed.

My friend Colin of the Ferrarista's forum asked me to do him some photos of details, here they are random:

This first day was actually quite calm, but that does not mean bad either. I hear more and more people complain about not seeing the "sensational". It is not the vocation of Sport & Collection and this should not tarnish the great work done by the organization.

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