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Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

2012 is a busy program year in automobile. The events will be numerus as many vehicles in the spotlight. Traditional living room of Geneva and Paris, will be added to the FF60 Spa, the 50 years of the 250GTO, the 25 years of the F40, but the new V12 Berlinetta discovery in Geneva and the long-awaited descendant of the legendary 288, F40, F50 and Enzo for Paris. It will be difficult to be everywhere and to share with you all. That is why the schedule is not always up to date because I want to focus on the essential: The reports and especially Ferrari. This is already in on this feel more light than previous years report.

Attack the heart of the subject with this show whose news did not appear numerous a few days before it opened. So I set out with no particular agenda except of course the new Ferrari F12 Berlinetta, Lamborghini Aventador J and .... Peugeot with the 208 and its concepts.

Let's start with the oldest from the range that exists today with 30kg less and 30ch added. its blue dress in gray two-tone suits it pretty well. Here is the 2012 version of California (#186820)

458 Italia in Grigio Silverstone (#184111):

In the shadow of the new F12, the 458 Spider is not least new to me, so I am very interested in this rear that ultimately pleases me well. (#184292)

The imposing FF in its livery Bianco Avus (#186818)

And finally this new F12 Berlinetta. The first official photos did not necessarily convince me, but it has become a habit with the latest productions of Maranello. But this time, since the lifting of veil, the lines appeared less pronounced, more fluid and justified. No frills in design, efficient aerodynamics is clearly mistress.

The first that I discovered is a Rosso Berlinetta version (# 186615). I take my position for capture alone, it is no longer possible during the day. It stands in the middle of the stand on its turntable. Obviously it's the back that I dread. Nice surprise.

I must then wait until 17:30 to access the stand still crowded with journalists and VIP.

The interior is simple and elegant. Only the steering wheel controls and multiple recalls that it is best to keep both hands on when 740 horses are loose. And to better share the fun, a reminder of the engine speed and the speed is set to the passenger.

Then I very interested to the second F12 present at the booth (# 186617) and who also has a new color: Alluminio. It is a light gray mat which approximates the natural color of the aluminum. The advantage of such a color is put in front of its curves. And in a show where the spotlight in the thousands, not one comes to reflect on the body. A treat for photographers!

Details it does not lack, like the cooling air brakes that are open only during braking inputs.

I am interested in the heart of the F12: The new V12, capable of outputting 740 hp and no less than 690Nm of torque. All this to tow 1525kg. All these figures are striking, but I'll limit myself to the 0-100 km / h in 3.1 sec and 0-200 in 8,5sec.

The stand would be nothing without the presence of the leaders of the brand: Luca De Montezemolo, the Elkann brothers, Amadeo Felisa, Sergio Marchionne, Paolo Pininfarina...

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