2013 Geneva Motorshow


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

It is a tradition, the Geneva Motor Show opens the season automobile. But this does not preclude starting to have been an explosion of innovations in the field of pleasure and luxury car. But it is too early to present my entire journey in the aisles of Palexpo. I chose to present, without further ado, THE novelty, THE most awaited car of the year, THE car we hoped to Paris, it is of course THE new Ferrari.

I am amazed that Ferrari has managed to keep secret until the end. Certainly, we have seen long ride mules, and two images from very light, no information on the name or style have filtered. Only a few lucky prospective customers were invited to Maranello for a private presentation.

It therefore seems logical that the car will be discovered at the press conference 11:45. But from the start, we can get a first impression of the car in front of us, behind its veil red. First reactions: It is low, wide, and mirrors seem real antennas.

From 10:15 I post to the car to wait for the press conference. Indeed, before the podium places of speech are already taken, but it does not bother me because I want to be side. car side. rather than speech 1h30 later, the conference is slow to start. This year's conferences are one quarter of an hour, whatever the brand. But Ferrari has the privilege of being alone in this slot. The crowd of journalists reassures me about my early arrival. The stand is also filled with guests. The moment really monopolizes attention.
Luca di Montezemolo began his speech, but directly attack the heart of the matter. It does not take long to reveal the name of its new jewel: LaFerrari. The name symbolizes everything Italian know-how of the brand.
Then we see on the big screen's new in this LaFerrari whose simple specification, which is a compromise between driving pleasure, performance, style and innovation. This last point is a milestone in the history of Ferrari since it is the first model equipped with a hybrid engine, adding a KERS system on a V12.
The chassis also features a design issue of single-seater.

It is time to lift the veil. The emotion at this point is great for everyone. But for a simple passionate like myself, attend such an event is something striking and exciting.

The reception is strong, applause reassure the President, through asking us if we like. It is difficult not to love. It responds to what is expected. It is stylish, but not very elaborate torture. It highlights what I expect from a Ferrari supercar. No need to find the beautiful, each holding its own opinion. But in general it seems like. And I like it!
Official photos with the leaders and the project team had a few moments. I notice an absence will be confirmed later. Paolo Pininfarina did not belong. And because the tradition has been broken, LaFerrari comes from the internal style center and not of Pininfarina. I allow myself a break on the Italian coachbuilder, which in recent years has not been in great financial shape. Miss the market Ferrari could be fatal. I hope the brand will keep GT...

It's time to detail all angles. I did not hesitate to offer the maximum number of photos for everyone to enjoy every detail. First the wide shots, then the details later.

The gull-wing doors open as Enzo.

The profile is beautiful. Even if the door-to-front overhang is greater than that of the Enzo, its pointed shape to better manage stylistically.

The back is not in rest. The new codes have only two lamps, the plate is well integrated, and the fog light is like F12, a reminder of the competition.

An aggressive front, a small snake look ...

The back is very simple for this category.

Consider the height:

The nose of the Enzo was surprise in 2002, today LaFerrari pushes further rapprochement with the F1, but I find it very interesting architecture boomerang suspended. I guess aerodynamics still need hours of wind tunnel.

Extractor hood scoop does not seem large compared to older models (F50 and Enzo).

The optics 458 typ are now such a habit. But it is only since the F12, I started to appreciate them.

Turning on the side with the huge mirrors. To be honest, I thought finding reversing cameras kind FXX rather than as appendages.

It pleases me greatly widened side. We can visually follow the flow of air. Only the front wing view from the rear shock a bit. When the doors are open you realize their design.

At the back we find the work of the aero diffuser and a mobile spoiler comes out (braking or support high speed?) in an unprecedented manner. Obviously, you can see V12 engine through the glass. I do not know if this is specific to the model of living, but to open the bonnet, you must first open the window slightly.

The engine was visible on the stand. Ideal for realizing the compactness of the KERS system and batteries.

But it is in the car you realize that despite everything, the place becomes rare. The service may be complicated.

The wheels also recall those of the 458. Five thin sticks can transmit the power. Note reasonable size since it has 19" front and 20" rear.

To conclude this presentation, I invite you to come aboard this new ship. Both seats are fixed, the steering wheel and pedals that move. The instrumentation is entirely digital. We note that the comfort is not forgotten, with a stereo system, electric windows ... Between the two seats sits a sculpture with 3 buttons for the gearbox (reverse, auto and launch control). This copy (# 194527) bears the name of Fernando Alonso on the wheel. Probably to serve his property. Remains whether customers will have a more anonymous xxx/499 number. For this it will be the first units delivered, and it will not be before the end of 2013!

Months of waiting to see this wonder that all copies have already been sold. The colors are the classic Rosso Corsa, Giallo Modena and Nero Daytona, but a client can requests another.
In the following report you will see that the Porsche 918 which we hear everywhere was not there, the Lamborghini Veneno celebrating 50 years of the brand with a particular style, is not unanimous and the Mc Laren P1 is so close to the concept of Paris for me it is not a novelty. This is why I completely dedicated my first report to LaFerrari ...

The rest of my visit here.

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