Mondial de l'Automobile of Paris - 2012


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

In this year of European crisis, especially in the French automotive, I was hoping for a Mondial doing forget all this and showing models of tomorrow. I am not very interested ecology in the cars even if it is inevitable, but as long as the passion is there, nothing else matters. But within a week of opening for the press, the motivation is not to climb to the top. Indeed, the announcements are not a large effect on my eyes. I hesitate, then, for fear of regret something, I decided to make the trip.

The day begins at 2am for the 400km that separate us from the capital, finally the first traffic jam that lead to Porte de Versailles. Rather than introduce you to my visit in the order I have done, I preferred rank brands in alphabetical order.

Abarth opens the dance with two 500: The 695 Edizione Maserati and 695 Fuoriserie. I do not detail the hostess immediately, I will come to the end ...

Audi quick tour to play 7 errors with the new R8 V10Plus which gets dressed partially of carbon and is equipped with the S tronic gearbox. I also stumbled upon a promising frame combining carbon and aluminum. I think a brand like Audi is poised to democratize this technology, so manufacturers of prestige reserved.

Bentley. After the Geneva concept that I had fled voluntarily, I was, this time, surprised to discover the Continental GT3. The idea is nice, but then to see the elephant fight against the tenor of the catéogrie, the challenge for engineers is rather high.

Chevrolet has graciously fed us during the show we had two nice concepts in the style GT86/BRZ. Small, sport, enough to please.

First French brand Citroen unveiled this us discoverable version of the DS3: the Cabrio. The first official photos I had not convinced on the "cabriolet", while I love the DS3 base. Well in truth, it is the same! I consider it as a DS3 with an option (large) sliding roof. I doubt that fans of true convertibles, including myself are clients of this release. I do not have shot the concept N ° 9 which was not highlighted under dim lights (car is also dark).

Electrum version (electric), here in the form of concept would be more interesting for urban use of Chic city car.

Here is the most radical DS3-R Sebastien Loeb limited edition...

... Or it remains the WRC version, but you will have to prove yourself before.

We arrive at Ferrari. This is probably what made ​​me hesitate to travel because the future supercar from Maranello was not expected. Damage to celebrate 10 years of the Enzo, the opportunity was there, but we will wait until Geneva. The current range is present, a novelty for the FF, the panoramic glass roof with variable opacity, well-known system now. So we have a California (# 190690)

The FF (#190665)

A F12 (#190846)

A 458 Italia (#190521) and a458 Spider (#190522)

But Luca did not come empty-handed, since part of the future supercar was unveiled. The cockpit, carbon monocoque is indeed there. Very narrow, with a typical F1 driving position, we have the impression that the car is very compact. It retains the scissor doors like the Enzo. We also know that the F150 (code name of the project) will be hybrid, it has been announced. A full report in the Official Ferrari Magazine # 18 has certain details, including a photo of the engine. I fear a presentation before Geneva, because the project is already ripe.

Obviously, the stand is as usual spacious, bright. One F1 throne in the middle, the living room for client is cosi and Tailor Made workshop is to present the possibilities for customization of each model. A California (# 191189) is exposed at its center.

Jaguar has amazed with its new F-Type, nice convertible!

Lamborghini. We expect the new Gallardo for long time, but nobody expected this one. We were accustomed to special versions, more or less limited, but even more extreme. And here, it's a facelift that has been done on the LP560-4. Besides the Edizione Tecnica, it seems very bland.

One Gallardo Spider allowed the comparison. Although it is surprising that the update is intended only for the coupe...

My preference is still a Superleggera here in version Edizione Tecnica.

Many people rebelled in the absence of an Aventador, but it was enough to make the floor stand to discover a beautiful red copy.

This is also here that you can see the possible customization

Maserati unveiled the cabriolet with probably the best compromise at the time. Luxurious, spacious but especially sports, it is the version of the GranTurismo MC. Damage, not enough to set off my eyes.

McLaren. They were not present in the show in 2010 to present the MP4-12C. But this year they came up with the 12C Spider and above all the Supercar named P1. The first pictures are hardly attracted me, giving the impression of a car eating. In reality it is fine, bass and very slender. Its drawing is nonetheless very (too?) Worked. First, the MP4-12C Spider:

This is the McLaren P1

All white stand sported a rather original F1 model. Ron Dennis made ​​the trip.

Another McLaren, race version this time was visible on a supplier stand.

Mercedes presented the SLS GT. But the eyes were always more attracted by the blue of chrome Electric Drive. A nightmare for buffing.

Peugeot was really rich this year for the novelties: restyling, concepts ... and even a piano. In short, as we say so, in France we don't own petrol, but we have ideas. Speaking of ideas, that of Onyx, all Onyx (Car, scooter and bike) is surprising. Dress the body with copper! I do not understand. Aesthetically it is a style, but I do not like. Then copper is an expensive material, fragile, heavy and aging badly. The opposite of what should be the future of Peugeot.

RCZ is entitled to his facelift. Opinions differ. It has been criticized for being too similar to the 308 when it was released, Peugeot has listened its customers. The RCZ is recognizable at first glance. But losing his feline side, it also loses its aggressiveness. Time to get used to and the customers will go. But for now, it's the concept RCZ-R with 260HP and a Torsen limited-slip differential that attracts the eye.

The 2008 concept stings the eyes.

The radical 208 with R5 rally version...

... While the GTI suggests the return of a myth. Probably my favorite car of the show. This copy numbered # 001 presents a limited series of 50 vehicles.

I waited for the Porsche 918 almost as much as the Ferrari F150, but then not a Panamera sedan, called Sport Turismo. Porsche diversifies and it seems to work commercially. But I have no emotion to such a car.

This show also had an exhibition that deserved a special feature: Auto and advertising. I chose to show you just a few models with this beautiful Porsche 959.

Renault Clio IV invaded almost the entire stand. But I did not stop to DCI models that we will see on the street in a few weeks, I wanted to look at the RS version, after having detailed the 208 GTI, its rival. While Lionne stands out finally classic versions, Renault has chosen to abandon the so distinctive sporty silhouette of its RS versions. On mechanics, you get both sides with a 1.6l Turbo 200hp. Alain Prost was there for the presenting.

Now here is another vehicle coming from the exhibition: the concept Alpine A110-50.

And to conclude this 2012 edition, I present to you some of the most beautiful hostesses of the show:

After a good automobile year for Forza Passione, it was not the show I hoped, but Geneva will start 2013 with supercars galore ...

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