40th Rétromobile - 2015


Text: Jacky FAVRE - Photos: Christelle SOMMEREISEN - Jacky FAVRE

Retromobile is 40 years old. It was an opportunity for me to discover this show otherwise than by the reports of my colleagues. People have long been solicited me to come, I decided rather late to complete the accreditation formalities whose return was very fast. This coupled with TGV tickets at great rate, I had no more excuses for not moving. I chose to make the round trip in a day to not have to look for housing in Paris. The opinion of each told me that was enough for the motorshow, but not necessarily for all that are found around Retromobile. Indeed, the biggest auction houses have decided to open their season in the French capital: Artcurial, even within the show, Porte de Versailles, Bonhams at the Grand Palais or RM at the Invalides. Regardless, I content myself with Porte de Versailles.

Once there just before noon, I head to the accreditation office to retrieve sesame. I cross the hall dedicated to merchants of all kinds (books, models, parts and accessories) and came across the first Ferrari: An Enzo! Pleasant surprise even though I do not expect to see contemporary.

I get in the car part itself and crosses Aureil who handles this superb 250 GT Lusso.

I quickly realize my visit won't have a logical order, as this report. So I try to group cars by models. I went with the idea to take care only Ferrari, for the sake of time. I finally have a bit of freedom for some models at the end of the day. So I continue with that out of Lusso restoration on the stand of my Sport Collection friends. It is accompanied by the well-known 348 LM.

Two other Lusso are present. I discover that this show is actually a huge showcase for vintage car sellers. I'm a little disappointed with this mercantile side, amplified by the current odds for such vehicles. The regulars assure me that this show has evolved over time to become this room sales.

Fortunately some Ferrari are there only to be highlighted as this California (regularly seen at Vigeant).

A second, black with tan interior is on sale.

Several 365BB were proposed, all in exceptional condition, my preference going to the blue.

The first F40 I see is apparently one of the 30 prototypes, but especially the first copy from production. This is the number 76624 released in 1988. First used by the Brand for presentations.

Three other F40 were here:

The prices of Dino has exploded in recent years and therefore we find today many on the market. The available settings may have convinced more than one buyer.

This is only a set of parts offered by Redpart, Ferrari specialist for spare parts.

I do not think I've ever seen a Dino with a color that does not suit it. Even when it is out of the ordinary.

Two yellow were proposed by Artcurial: a GT and a GTS.

Now a car that precisely was sold by Artcurial in 2014 right here. This is a 166 MM bodied by Oblin, Belgium. The matt black is back shiny. It is a model that justifies my coming here.

The two following 212 also convinced me to have made the choice to come.

Especially this one which has been modified for the needs of Hollywood cinema.

A beautiful 250 GranTurismo with original configuration two-tone green.

A nice Cabriolet 250 GT Pininfarina.

Another 250 GT Pininfarina, but coupe version this time. Being restored, one can see the work of coachbuilder.

A last in excellent condition.

Ferrari 330 GTC and 330 GT. I have not yet mentioned it, but the exposure of cars and lights do not contribute at all for the pictures. I knew before I came, it was a reason why I hesitated, add to that a public came in droves...

A superb 250 Europa in front of an old truck of the Scuderia. This is what I expected from Retromobile!

Only two 275 GTB!

The 365 GTB / 4 Daytona are unavoidable in an event of this kind.

There was even a Spider (converted) view during another passage. This is an incredible maze.

A grey 512BB.

And a LM version.

The Testarossa monorétro is for me a true icon. Too bad Artcurial decided to park it that way.

But this latest version with two mirrors and wheels with 5 nuts was particularly caught the eye with its configuration.

It's a 308 here which features a special configuration, gold.

The following 308 camouflages itself on BB with a two-tone red / black. I do not know if it was an option at the time.

The series of 308 would not be complete without a GT4 Bertone.

No need to present, the 328 Artcar.

Two competition versions.

The only 288 GTO present at the show. Direct came from Hong Kong!

I was very surprised how many 400/412 for sale or sold at the show. This model rather maligned would it finally created the missing craze previously?

This is a car that I did not know! This is the Ferrari 312 B3 F1 'Spazzaneve' 1973.

The last two Ferrari of this exhibition are modern. The first is a 550 Barchetta (# 224/448).

599 GTO and poorly shown.

But Retromobile is also a corner of artists. And I'll talk to you of Yan Denes which outlined two of his works on the Sport & Collection stand. A stunning 250 GTO and 250 GT Lusso.

I do not know if we can talk about art, but here's a desk for the least original, consisting of 355 compacted.

In the collection piece category, here is a series of cars for children.

You do not have to miss the information on the "treasure" of the Baillon collection. The hype around this collection of abandoned cars for sale by Artcurial made me a little annoyed, and the result of sales made me completely hallucinating. The whole story is in my eyes grotesque and completely beyond the stage of automotive passion. But I could enter this almost dark hall without free myself entrance fees 80 € (again, where are we going?). Here is a wreck 308, sold for € 33,376.

A Mondial 3.2 Cabriolet sold for € 35 760.

Because of the light, or rather lack of lighting worthy of the name, I do not have pictures of all lots. But most important was this 250 GT California Spider SWB sold for € 16,288,000.

While I'm here I present the only non-Ferrari I took photos. This is the Maserati Gran Sport A6G 2000 Frua Berlinetta sold for just over two million euros.

Finally, I told you, a small sample of what I saw there. Porsche, Lamborghini, BMW, Jaguar, Bugatti and concept Alpine Vision Gran Turismo.

Some Lotus were on hand either for sale or on the stand of the club Lotus France. I discovered the new Elise S Cup that I should take the wheel for a test soon...

Overall I am satisfied with my visit and I think do again the trip. It was also an opportunity to review the regulars of car meetings and chat with them. I want to thank one of them for allowing me access to Artcurial, it will recognize himself!

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