Lamborghini Miura SV/J


Villa d'Este held each year fabulous models who made automotive history. But there the contest, and to sides. All is not limited to the Villa d'Este and champagne, or the Villa Erba and its growing audience. There is a natural setting known as Como Lake. And it is walking along with Madame that we had the pleasure of seeing one tumble down the Lamborghini, where cars are normally banned. Fortunately, I had just finished my ice cream.

The car came here for a private shoot, for an Italian journalist and photographer. He imagined himself to be alone and quiet, did not count on me. Despite a ban on his part to publish my photos, I can obviously not make you miss it. Enjoy!

So this the 1972' Miura SV/J. A complete restoration was carried out in 2011. Wonderful.

First stop is in front of the Lake.

And it go to the jetty for all position.

Not being welcome in the eyes of the Italian journalist, it meant that I did not take advantage of the interior, or views "all open". This was without counting on my hard.

I could not really show the Miura when it was at the Villa d'Este, or in the garage, but this opportunity has allowed me to catch me, I hope you enjoyed ...

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