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A faithful reader of Forza Passione contacted me to tell about his new aquisition and immortalize it during a private shoot, obviously accompanied by a ride in this car. Wishing to remain anonymous, I'll call him Vigali, his nickname on the forum dedicated to this model.

Let's go to vehicle. While the French automobile seems to be over for the day, our manufacturers have nevertheless experienced strong and glorious periods in various categories. And in 1996, Renault surprised everyone by selling a vehicle built for a single-brand championship: the Spider. This 2 seats tray has existed in two versions: SV (windshield) and PB (windscreen). Our of the day is the 438th SV product and wears a sublime Yellow Sport Pearl dress. If the 2L 16-valve 4-cylinder mechanical is taken from the Megane or else the Clio Williams, he opened an all aluminum frame and shell fiber. This gives a very good balance of 150 hp to 930 kg. For the story, all the Spider were hand assembled by 56 workers in the Alpine factory at Dieppe. It need about 90 hours for a complete vehicle (either 3 times more than standard vehicle).

Recognitions were made ​​the day before to find good places for pics. We have a lot of time to work, we will benefit.

A small improvised session in action just taken on a road in the middle of cornfields. It's nice, almost warm this season (especially in this region of eastern France).

The feeling onboard is bluffing. While I expected to take the wind in my face, it is deflected by the wind deflector to pass over helmets. I had the experience of putting my hand in the air flow, it is effective to perfection.

The second stage will take place in front of a fire brigade barracks where we were very well received. We have realized that rolling Spider turned the heads, and the fireman guard not fail to admire the beast.

Sports cars today are very worked and often some details are breaking the line. The Spider is fluid, it seems born of a simple pencil stroke. Everything is optimized, nothing missing, nothing is superfluous. Not forgetting my eagerness for the Prancing Horse, I will note that the fuel filler flap is the same as the Ferrari F40.

Mirror effect ...

... Or butterfly effect? The scissor doors are mounted on jack, which allows easy opening. The descent board is easy, if your hands are free, without a helmet or a camera!

It is so unique, that it's not necessary to go into detail to recognize it, but a plate on the center console reminds us in what car we are. Shame that the copy number (283 for this one) is not engraved on it.
I wanted to highlight repeatedly the wind deflector, but this invention patented by the project manager Claude Fior, seems to keep its secrets.

More lower the car is, more higher I need to be to show it well...

At this moment everything is going well. We took our ease, the sun shines, ALL conditions are ideal. But in the evening, loading pictures, this is another story that appears. I discovered that having wanted to reset the settings , I accidentally changed the recording quality shots. I confess with regret, sadness and anger especially myself the following photos are of lower quality than the previous ones. The art of ruining a photo shoot perfectly announced ...

Decorations keep coming, the rendering is nice but not what it should be ...

What a pleasure to play with water, especially when it isn't raining. This pool has given us beautiful reflections.

What's good with closed roads is that they're (almost) deserted. And when in addition there is a nice newly built bridge it's ideal.

I've not yet shown you the inside, but it is reduced to the minimum so that the round is done quickly. The tachometer throne facing the pilot, the water engine temperature indicator to the right and the oil pressure gauge graduated to 5 bars on the left. The digital speed meter is offset to the center, as well as a few lights needed. The bucket seats are very comfortable, and for once in my size. I mean, not too large. Despite my small stature, I was well maintained throughout the ride.
The only bad thing to say, which seems to fade with use, is the passage of the reverse. Because to unlock this report, no ring to pull or to push, you must turn the lever firmly speed of 90 °. The indication at the top of the passenger takes all its meaning. A spring unlocking aid, but it is very fragile and break quickly.

In addition to the (front) chest, the previous owner had used all the empty spaces to create storage space. Certe it is not enough to go on holiday, but handy nonetheless. At the rear, we find the 2 Liters.

Before closing the hood, I discovered the suspension in a very special deported axis. As surprising as comfortable as this big kart is not jigger at all.

Final session will suffer even more because of the poor qualitée made ​​in the shade. We found a ruined industrial building offering a superb setting for the tray.

And now, this essay will conclude with a smile, the pleasure of discovering a device yet unknown of the population despite its age. A toy for adult that make children dreaming ...

A big thank for the invitation to Vigali, for the time and the patience granted, and all the maneuvers. Thanks to the firefighters barracks for allowing us access to their premises.

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